Snappy Gomez

Is a London-based tattoo artist and illustrator whose work portrays the essence of urban environments and individuals. His work depicts city scenes or isolated elements that are almost surreal in their stark contrast and abstraction. Gomez is fascinated with the complexity of the urban landscape and people from the mundane surroundings that one would normally overlook. Like comic strips, his art captures the everyday existence of the average person, as they traverse the detritus of the modern metropolis. His stylistic approach is based on the process of black and grey, strongly highlighted, removing elements and emphasizing others. Snappy has tattooed worldwide, including tattoo conventions in Los Angeles, Milan, London, Berlin, Miami and Sao Paulo just to name a few.
Amongst many other accreditations, Snappy has recently been included in the book “Tattoo Masters Flash Collection” , a compilation of illustrations created by contemporary tattoo artists who have been ranked amongst the best in the world.